You do not find the happy life.You make it.

Life can be challenging!

You might find yourself in position when you will have no idea what
next. You might find yourself in place when you decide that this is
not what you wanted. You might feel that it is time for changes,
wherever you are in your life, you more than welcome to talk to me.
As an Psychotherapist, Women’s Empowerment Life Coach and Cognitive-behavioural Coach I know the power of our

I also know how to control them, and you can learn it too.

Bluemony aim is to :

Help people who have lost control over their private, professional,
spiritual and love lives. Help people who want changes. Help
people who are looking for a challenge and want to move forward.

Women’s Empowerment Coaching

A woman’s life can be demanding!

Tests us in so many roles, challenges us all the time, no wonder we feel lost sometimes. We wake up one day and find that rest of our life passes us by?

We want more, but we don’t quite know what the “more” is. We feel like we miss something, but we don’t know what. We are not so happy, and the worst thing is that we feel guilty, because we have “everything”… read more

Anna D. Paczkowska.

Cognitive Behavioural Life Coaching

Cognitive-behavioural coaching (CBC) is a coaching model based on features taken from psychology. Strategies, exercises, techniques and tools…read more


Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy which use hypnosis (trans). It is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility, during which positive suggestions and ideas are used to help people cope with various problems and conditions….(read more)

Let’s get to know each other

My name is Anna D.Paczkowska, and I base my practice on solid foundations of psychology and innovative coaching tools…more

Leave me a message!

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