About myself


My name is Anna D.Paczkowska, and I base my practice on solid foundations on psychology and innovative coaching tools. Inspired by the latest research in positive psychology, mindfulness and broadly understood personal and business development, I create sessions tailored to each client.

Coaching has been around in my life from an early age. My parents were my first coaches and they started my passion for growth. For many years I gained knowledge from the best mentors, motivational speakers and specialists in personal and business development.

I immersed myself in the secrets of psychology, obtaining a degree in a psychology to better understand the functioning of the human mind. At the moment I am train to become a psychotherapist-hypnotherapist.

My clients can count not only on my knowledge but also support at every moment of their life.

I know how complicated life can be I try my best to make it easier for you, delivering you a new lifestyle habit, routine and strategy you can start to use straight away.

Privately, I am a mother and wife, and I love every part of it. I own two dogs, and I am crazy about horses and sports motorcycles. I love books, raspberries and swimming. Dance and Krav Maga make me happy.

Write to me today to arrange a non-binding 30 minutes free initial session.

“We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.”

Dr. Henry Link

I highly recommend. Your normal girl, you reach me 100%, thank you.
Zero posturing, vast knowledge.

Kate K.

I was expecting something completely different, thank you for showing me that I can do more.

Dan P.

I am packed with positive energy after every meeting. Anna acts like a magic wand, she showed me that nothing is impossible, and I liked ‘work on myself’
A wonderful approach – full of warmth and professionalism, thank you

Maya M.

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