All sessions conducted by me are 100% tailored to your needs and result you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if we work individually or in group, your success is my success.


£65 per 60 minutes

The first Initial Consultation is free.

Book now.


Individual sessions

It’s 60 minutes that we devote to discuss a specific topic, a problem that you’ll bring with you to sessions. Based on various techniques, I will help you understand the hierarchy of needs, create clear goals, set up action plans, replace unsupportive thoughts, beliefs and actions with ones that will support you. You will get know tools that will help you build confidence, organize your time, communicate more clearly.

A single session is £ 65
The five-session package is £ 250

Group Session

Sessions are prepared for the needs of your team. Specific tools included in the package that can be used on the same day. No matter if you want to integrate your team or motivate your team, I will provide everything you need engagingly.

The price depends on the duration and subjects.

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