The New Year has given many of us new resolutions. Only “resolution” has it that they do not last long …

The goals are different, yes, goals sound much better. We have set new goals, and we are motivated to achieve them. Well done you! Here are some tips for you on how to stay motivated.

  • The method of small steps.
    Mount Everest is not climbed in one day. Less means more. Consistency and methodical actions are essential, so divide your assumptions into small sections. Smaller goals will be easier to achieve, and you will see their effects faster, which will additionally motivate you. Set smaller goals, then move smoothly to the next ones. This way, you will achieve more than establishing an unrealistic goal. Remember that you don’t need to see the top of the stairs to climb the first step.
  • Start by changing your habits.
    Motivation lets you get started, but habit enables you to finish. Your goals should be a willingness to change your lifestyle to lead you to a better version of yourself. For example, snacking is your problem – don’t give up on it, but change the snacks you eat to healthier ones. The habit of reaching for food while watching TV will not pass so quickly, but it is better to eat carrots cut into sticks than fat chips, which you probably always feel bad anyway. On the way to work, choose the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Do not treat the introduced changes as a punishment.
  • Get your loved ones involved.
    Nothing motivates you more than the support of a loved one. Maybe they will want to make changes to their lives as you do. Thanks to this, you will gain a “support partner”. However, if you do not want to overly involve your loved ones, just inform them that you are striving for a specific goal. It will be more difficult for you to break your resolution, knowing that someone else is following your actions. Extra motivation.
  • Track your progress.
    Every now and then, take a look at how far you’ve come. Like the little steps you take each day, they connect and take you to a different place. This will give you another motivational kick;)
  • Reward yourself.
    The first realistically noticeable change will give you the strength to continue your efforts and make a revolution. Each, even minor success, will strengthen you. It is essential to be able to appreciate it, including yourself and your efforts. Rewards will come to your aid. Remember that the tips can be of any kind: a warm bubble bath, a good book, or a weekend outside the city – you decide! If you know what you are doing this for and benefit from it, it will be much easier for you to reach your goal.
  • Never give up!
    We don’t always go the way we want. You must be aware that failures are part of the process of transformation. Give yourself permission for bad days, you are only human! The fall is feedback. You have the opportunity to look at your actions and think of what you could do differently this time. Success is not achieved by those who succeeded the first time, but by those who never stopped trying!
    So remember, you got this 😉

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