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Understand how our brain is working.


What’s good?

How do you feel? And exactly what do you feel?

The current situation can cause a whole range of emotions in people and believe me, they are all good because there are no bad emotions. Every emotion tells us something different and draws our attention to our own needs because it is very important to look after our physical and mental health now.

To facilitate understanding of what and why we feel, I will try to easily explain to you how our brain works, obviously in a big simplification.

So let’s look at our brain…( read more)

Stay Motivated- 6 Tips.

The New Year has given many of us new resolutions.

Only “resolution” has it that they do not last long …

The goals are different, yes, goals sound much better.

We have set new goals, and we are motivated to achieve them.Well done you! Here are some tips for you on how to stay motivated…read more.

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