Cognitive Behavioral Life Coaching

Cognitive-behavioural coaching (CBC) is a coaching model based on features taken from psychology. Strategies, exercises,
techniques and tools that help to identify unsupportive thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and to turn them into supportive.
Every day we expose ourselves to stress. We feel a lack of
confidence and we are unable to communicate effectively. We try to match unreal, perfect models. All of those underestimates and disturbs our view of ourselves, our achievements and possibilities.
The coach and the client work together to realize what can stop a person from reaching a full range and what can be done to control their situation.
The goal of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching is to develop, find ideas to implement actions. Also to change behaviours to those, that are more efficient and can help a person achieve their desired goals in life. This process helps clients discover themselves again, trust themselves, believe in themselves and achieve their desired results, both on a personal and professional level.

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